The sound of Amber Radio returns to the airwaves in Norwich, much of Norfolk and even parts of North Suffolk.....featuring a breezy, relaxing blend of great music from recent decades, but with a contemporary feel and flavour.

Some presenters that helped build independent radio in the county are back to bring you popular, melodic tracks dating from the 1960s to now, plus local news, information and chat. Rob Chandler returns to the breakfast beat that he successfully covered for years on the sister station of the original Amber, Radio Broadland.

Jono Woodward, Keith Travis, Tom Green and Nigel Rennie, initially on Amber's Suffolk station, also return to the fold, along with others like David Hoffman and Pete Revell at weekends. Amber's experienced management team has strong connections with the successful Amber and Broadland set-up. The new Amber's founding director Mike Stewart put together the programming for Broadland and Amber back in the day, while another director, Bob Norman later managed those stations.

Rob C
Rob Chandler

Mon - Fri, 7am to 10am
Jono W v3
Jono Woodward

Mon - Fri, 10am to 1pm
Keith T
Keith Travis
Drive Time

Mon - Fri, 4pm to 7pm
Nigel R
Nigel Rennie
Mon - Tues, 1pm to 4pm
Tom G
Tom Green
Afternoon / Breakfast
Wed - Fri, 1pm to 4pm
Sat 7am to 10am, Sun 7am to 9am
Pete R
Pete Revell
Saturday, 10am to 1pm

Mark Pryke
Mark Pryke
Saturday, 1pm to 4pm
SImon Jones
Simon Jones
Saturday, 4pm to 7pm

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-18 at 16.47.27
Paul Morris
Sunday, 9am to 12pm

Mike S
Mike Stewart

David H
David Hoffman
Sunday, 12pm to 3pm

Bob Norman
Bob Norman

Sue Marchant
Sue Marchant
Sunday, 3pm to 6pm

Special thanks for their assistance with this project to Dave Brown (music); Dick Hutchinson (community info); David Arnold (Jingles as they used to be called!), Mike Hughes (director) & John Cross (technical support)